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Enfield’s Detail opened its door in Memphis, TN on March 10, 1986. Bruce and his wife Pam moved to Memphis, TN earlier that year to start their own business. It all started out of a three bay gas station off Winchester Rd. The core business was servicing used car dealers in the Memphis area.

The business grew quickly and a great reputation was established by offering a quality service at a great price with unmatched customer service. In  1991, only five years in business, Bruce and Pam began the process of building their own building, specifically set up for car detailing at our current location, 2370 Covington Cove.

Ryan Enfield, the youngest son of Bruce and Pam, grew up in the business and worked all through high school and college, eventually becoming the GM after receiving his degree at the University of Memphis.

In October 2015, after nearly 30 years, Bruce Enfield decided to retire.  Ryan’s heart was always to take over the family business, so he purchased the facility at 2370 Covington Cove, to continue the legacy his parents built.

Enfield's detail is a second-generation family owned business serving the tri-state area for over 31 years. We pride ourselves on putting the customer first in every situation and offer a full suite of car detailing services designed to maintain and restore vehicles to factory condition… maintaining excellent market value or making you fall in love with your car again. Please give us a call, we promise you will be glad you did.

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