What is the Difference Between Auto Detailing and Car Washing?

Car Wash

Chances are, you’ve had your car washed more than a few times—and, chances are, you’ve noticed call outs for auto detailing. So what’s the difference and when should you opt for one over the other? At their core, car washing and auto detailing accomplish a similar end goal—both get your car looking clean and road-ready. But, beyond that, the process, … Read More

3 Important Reasons For Windshield Repair

windshield repair

We get it — you see a little chip or crack on your windshield and you commit to getting it fixed…soon. But, before you know it, that “soon” becomes a few weeks or, worse, a few months. And, chances are, by the time you finally find your way to a windshield repair shop, that tiny crack is now a much … Read More

How can I increase the value of my car?

Increase The Value Of My Car

Think your car can only decrease in value? Think again. If you’re planning to sell or trade in your car, there are simple, low-cost ways to drive the value up, so you can get more for your used vehicle. Overall, it comes down to focusing on the interior and exterior elements that most factor into appraisals. Get those areas as … Read More