Here’s How To Increase The Value Of Your Car

Are You Getting Ready To Sell Your Car Or Trade It In?

There are some trusted sites like and where you can appraise your vehicle. Do some research and put in the exact details for your car to find out what your car is valued at. Then go back and see what the difference would be if your car was in ‘very good’ or ‘excellent’ condition. Enfield’s Detail can get you up to excellent market value for you used car.

Does The Appearance Of Your Car Matter?

The difference in poor/fair market value and excellent market value is driven mainly by the appearance. We will take your used car and recondition it to get you more money when you sell or trade in. When Enfield’s Detail has serviced your car, a dealer can offer you more for your vehicle because all it has to do is pass a mechanical inspection and then it is ready for the front line. This saves the dealership weeks and hundreds of dollars allowing them to sell your car quicker. If you are trying to sell your car by private party, something as simple as curb rash could make a potential buyer concerned about alignment. If your car is in excellent condition they will quickly buy from you with confidence.

Don’t get rid of your car before bringing it to Enfield’s Detail. Our passion is to help you get the highest value for your used vehicle.

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