Auto Detailing Services

Complete Auto Detailing Service

Our showroom detail begins with degreasing and pressure washing the engine compartment, jams, wheel wells, tires, and paint. Surface contamination removal includes water-spots, overspray, tree sap, and road paint. The exterior of the car will go through wet sanding with aggressive compounding and a fine polish to remove deep scratches, oxidation, spider webs, and buffer swirls. Interior fabric is cleaned using shampoo including the headliner, seats, carpets, and the trunk. All leather and vinyl will be cleaned, including the tough to reach compartments, vents, and hard to reach spaces. After your car has gone through the three stages, we do a thorough review to ensure the job meets our showroom quality.

Exterior Detail

We degrease and pressure-wash the engine compartment, jams, wheel wells, tires-wheels and paint. All surface contamination is removed such as water-spots, overspray, tree sap, and road paint. The paint goes thru all stages of correction from wet sanding, aggressive compounding and fine polishing to remove deep scratches, oxidation, spider webs and buffer swirls. A thorough inspection follows.

Paintless Dent Repair

We can fix anything from severe hail damage to minor door dents. We take great pride in providing the highest quality paintless dent repair service available.

Paint Touch Up

We use the factory paint code specific to your vehicle to match the paint. After we wet sand and polish the area, any spot that has no paint remaining we will apply paint in those areas to hide the imperfection.

Wet Sanding

Enfield’s uses the best DA Random orbital sanders and industry leading paper to repair the defects in the paint. We work with many body shops in Memphis and are a trusted business partner for their customers when repair work is better than repaint.

Ceramic Coating

Our ceramic coatings for paint and glass are the best protection currently available on the market. There are a few companies out there that manufacture quality products but the key is in the application. We have been working with ceramics for almost 10 years and have developed the best process to ensure a thick coating and long-term protection. When followed by a simple maintenance program, these coatings can last 5 years, eliminating the need for constant maintenance and waxing multiple times a year to keep the paint in new condition. You will save a lot of time and money by investing in the best protection for your car.

Headlight Refinish

We can make your headlights look new again by refinishing your plastic. This is a much cheaper option than replacement and adds safety by drastically increasing light at night.

Trim Dying

All exterior trim over time begins to show age by the black turning gray and faded. There are products out there that offer temporary shine but fade quickly. We have refinishers and dyes to bring back that new look on your plastics and exterior trim. Jeep Wrangler bumpers and side steps and Avalanche bed covers are notorious for this, and we can make them look new again.

Interior Detail

All fabric on the interior is shampooed including headliner, seats, carpets and trunk. All leather, vinyl and plastic are cleaned and conditioned. Every nook, cranny and compartment are detailed to the highest level. Followed by a thorough inspection.

Carpet/Seat Dying

Some stains change the color of the fiber when exposed for an extended period of time. We use the best dyes by SEM to bring back the factory color of your carpets.

Window Repair

Windshield chips can get worse, thanks to the added pressure on your windshield, that barely-visible damage can quickly grow, spread and make your glass weaker and more susceptible to a bigger break. Get windshield chips fixed ASAP. Often repairs can happen same day.

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